We reupholster Lounge Chairs & Arm Chairs, Occasional Chairs,  Antique Chairs,  Dining Chairs, and Bar Stools. We can lovingly restore your chair to look the same as it did brand new, or we can modernise that old family chair with a funky new fabric and style. Cowhide and Leopard prints, or velvets, are the the go-to for interior designers at the moment.

We can change the look of any chair completely, simply by changing the fabric, changing the colour, or adding/changing piping. When you have your chair(s) reupholstered we do not just recover them, we make them like new! We check all the foundations of the chair, repairing frames when needed, in cases  where the chair needs new timber or re gluing. Once the base chair is ready, we work our way up, replacing webbing and springs and anything else that needs our attention.

When it comes to cushioning; comfort is everything. As such, we replace foam and Dacron as part of the service. We only use Commercial Grade Foam which far superior to standard foam, and is fire rated. Reupholstering something is exciting. It’s amazing to see the transformation. You can be bold or conservative – its up to you.  If you need help with fabric choice, we have plenty of recommendations for all budgets and tastes!