Having our daughter was the inspiration for making these durable, cleanable, long lasting kids chairs and little lounges. Chris actually designed this concept and made his first one over 20 years ago, gifting one to his best friend’s first child. Yes, they make great gifts! He still comments on how much he loved his chair and that he still has it to this day. I remember my first chair… I wish I had one as cool as this! 

Our Daughter loves her chair, and when her friends come over, they line up to sit on it. Our kids chairs are built to last and are hand made, covered in commercial vinyl, which comes in many different colours and textures… we love Jungle story from Zepel fabrics.

Our kids chairs also have a time capsule underneath to lock in your favourite memories from birth and relive them at their 21st Birthday.  We make these seats to order, and have a standard price for the chair, as well as one for the little lounge, however the final price will depend on fabric. Please contact us for a quote.